Roquette Launches NUTRALYS Pea and Fava Organic Range of Textured Protein 

Roquette, the French plant-based ingredients specialist, announced today the launch of its new NUTRALYS range of textured proteins made from pea and fava. Produced for European markets, Roquette claims the pea and fava range offers new organic solutions for alt protein food brands. 

On a mission to become a leader in plant-based ingredients and a pioneer of plant proteins, Roquette is launching NUTRALYS as more and more consumers are looking toward pea and fava proteins for their sustainability and health benefits. The range of textured proteins is also organic certified, another global trend along with plant-based. Roquette claims the 11 grades of textured proteins offer a wide variety of possibilities in meat and fish alternatives, as well as having a neutral taste and a clean label. 

Roquette girl cooking kitchen
© Roquette

To develop the new organic textured range, Roquette worked with Chef Morten Fenger, who wanted to create a plant-protein product that allowed him to replace conventional meat 1:1 with plant-based meat in practically any recipe. Roquette has been a key player in pea proteins for 20 years and is opening what it claims to be the world’s largest pea protein plant in Canada, as well as making multiple investments in the alt protein sphere. 

“This new organic range allows us to propose new alternatives, going a step beyond a conventional offer! We are not only offering organic versions of textured proteins, but also proposing a complete range to boost the creativity of Chefs and food lovers while contributing to a better food system,” stated Jeremy Burks, Senior Vice President of Plant Proteins at Roquette. 


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