AGRANA Starch Ingredients: Optimize the Texture and Protein Content in Your Plant-Based Product

Are you developing a new plant-based product, or are you planning to? Then the following keywords are certainly familiar to you: “meat-like texture”; “protein content”; “methyl cellulose-free”; “clean label”; and even “rich in fibre”.

Product development of plant-based meat alternatives can be challenging:

  1. We want to meet the demands regarding texture and structure.
  2. It is important to find a valuable plant-based protein source.
  3. Surely, we want to meet consumer demands for “clean label”, organic, GMO-free, gluten-free or soy-free, etc.

AGRANA Starch is your partner for natural ingredients and the ideal complement for your plant-based product. The carefully selected raw materials of AGRANA Starch are corn, potatoes, and wheat. We produce starch products for the food industry as well as for other industrial sectors from these renewable raw materials.

The perfect texture for your meat alternative

A meat-like texture is of great importance for plant-based products. In addition, water-binding and viscosity properties can present challenges in product development. Not only are the requirements for structure and texture important, but the protein content is also of great importance for product development.

Agrana meatballs

Increase the protein content of your plant-based products

AGRANA’s Vital Wheat Gluten – produced in Austria, is an essential source of protein and, due to its remarkable water absorption and viscosity properties, improves the mouthfeel, texture, and volume of the products.

In addition, the inclusion of organic potato fibre, such as AGRANA’s AGENAFIBER®, and organic pregelatinized starches, such as QUEMINA®, is the perfect complement for plant-based products. They prevent phase separation and replace methyl cellulose in organic meat alternatives.

Ask about our recipe for plant-based meatballs or burger patties based on wheat gluten, pregelatinized potato starch, and potato fibre, developed by the AGRANA Research and Innovation Center (ARIC).

Agrana waffles

Get inspired at our booth during FI Europe 2023

At FI Europe 2023 in Frankfurt, we will present our ideas for meat-free dishes and gluten-free baked goods and desserts, and give you inspiration for the upcoming dinner with family and friends.

Meet us at our AGRANA booth 3.1G142 and taste your way through our menu. Start with a freshly baked, gluten-free white bread and sample plant-based spreads to go with it. For your main course, try plant-based meatballs on mashed potatoes, served with a delicious cream sauce, or indulge in a plant-based currywurst.

For dessert, our chef serves gluten-free waffles with berry sauce.

Contact: [email protected]

Visit us at the Fi Europe – information here – or follow us on LinkedIn:

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