AGRANA’s portfolio for your bakery products

Even in plant-based variants of pastries, ingredients such as wheat protein in combination with native wheat starch, for example, can be beneficial for the product as properties such as taste and texture are at least as important as in the non-vegan variants.

Plant-Based Versions of Popular Yeast Dough Pastries

Native wheat starch is therefore also used in vegan baked goods to improve the texture and utilize its positive effects on viscosity and crumb structure.

Sweetening products are used in baked goods because of their sweetening power, but they also have other advantages. For example, AGENABON® improves the browning properties of baking mixes and can be used as a source of carbohydrates for yeast fermentation in dough.

Learn more here about AGRANA‘s range of vegan products.

AGENAFIBER® ensures excellent taste and a longer shelf life for your baked goods

The shelf life of baked goods is a major issue for every producer. Thanks to its excellent water-binding properties, AGENAFIBER® improves the texture and shelf life in terms of organoleptic properties. In addition, the baked goods are enriched with fiber. You can find more information about AGENAFIBER® here.

Pile of fresh doughnuts
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Gluten-free baked goods are still in demand

AGRANA also offers solutions for gluten-free baked goods. Trends such as plant-based in particular, but also gluten-free alternatives, play an important role in the product development of baked goods. Benefit from AGRANA’s wide range of ingredients for baked goods and solutions tailored to your needs.

Be inspired by our wide range of products for your delicious baked goods at our booth at Biofach 2024 in Nuremberg and talk to our team about your next product development!

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