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Native yeast protein to replace eggwhite – Ohly showcases new gelling protein prototype

One of the toughest challenges that all manufacturers of meat alternatives are commonly facing is the combined need for an appealing and consistent texture as well as a consumer-friendly ingredient deck.

To support customers meeting this challenge, and address many more opportunities, Ohly has developed and patented a brand-new type of yeast-based functional ingredient. Rooted in our decades of experience in yeast and its derivatives, we created a native yeast protein concentrate with inherent gelling function. Based on our prime grown baker’s yeast, it is produced without the use of any chemical modification process.

Being fully soluble, this protein can be easily incorporated into many types of matrices & formulations. It will irreversibly gel in the matrix upon heating, and therefore nicely mimic meat or egg protein behavior. Aside from its function, this protein develops no off-notes whatsoever – it rather provides a delicate umami effect, making use of the inherent taste impact of yeast extract. The protein is vegan, non-GMO, allergen-free and also has a high nutritional value with a PDCAAS of 1.

There is an extensive range of applications in which this innovative product may be successfully applied, including:

  • all types of meat, fish or seafood alternatives, including 3D-printed variations
  • egg alternatives: as the main component (e.g. vegan scrambled eggs) or as an ingredient (e.g. vegan desserts, egg-free mayonnaise)
  • dairy alternatives such as analog cheese or vegan dessert
  • vegan spreads
  • processed meat, fish and seafood including toppings and fillings
  • processed vegetables like mashed potatoes or pizza topping
  • dairy products like pudding, ice cream/sherbet, processed cream, processed cheese
  • sauces and dressings as a clean-label vegan binder
  • bakery products like egg-free cakes or gluten-free breads
  • extruded snacks as the main ingredient
  • more generally as a multi-purpose clean-label ingredient:
    • emulsifier – similar performance to whey or pea proteins in high oil loaded emulsions
    • foaming agent – high foam generation with good stability

Ohly’s Innovation Director, Raphael Levesque, commented: “The customer feedback so far is outstanding. It shows that our native gelling protein combines great gelling functionality with neutral to pleasant taste and consumer friendly labelling. And that’s not all – we are also confident that the sustainability of yeast and its derivatives will be an additional value for our customers in the future.”

For more information about this native gelling yeast protein and the many possible applications, please contact Ohly: [email protected].

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