Pea protein concentrate with a great taste! A new standard for the industry.

After 4 years of dedicated research with our R&D partners, we have introduced a groundbreaking process that is set to revolutionise the industry standards. FlavaPulse is the first dry fractionation plant utilising this patented technology to eliminate bitterness and off-tastes in pea protein. 

Pea protein concentrates offer an attractive alternative to pea and soy protein isolates, thanks to their competitive price and low carbon footprint. However, the specific bitterness in native pea flour has been a limiting factor in food recipes. Formulators in the meat and dairy analog industries, bakery, and gluten-free and allergen-free applications can now incorporate our new version of pea protein concentrate without compromising on taste.

The initial feedback from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive, with test panel participants describing the product as “incomparable”. We are thrilled to announce that this innovative product is now commercially available! Interested in learning more about FlavaPulse and trying out samples for yourself? Reach out to us for detailed information and samples. Let’s shape the future of the industry together!

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