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Plant Based Meat Alternatives – Fiber Up Your World

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As the world’s largest manufacturer of plant fiber concentrates, JRS has been known for its innovative, health-oriented approach to fiber with the highest consumer acceptance all over the world for over 30 years now. The extensive product range of the company’s VITACEL® cereal, vegetable and fruit fibers with their respective specific, sensory and haptic properties can be perfectly integrated into modern and delicious food recipes for fiber enrichment, applicable for different product ranges such as plant based meat alternatives. The many gold medals received from DLG testers is a testiment to the products’ high quality and sensory properties.

As global surveys show, animal welfare is the top motivator for people to switch to less meat or to a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle – this is directly followed by environmental and climate change reasons and of course health matters.

Because of this and the rising awareness around healthy and/or holistic lifestyles, meat alternatives are becoming more and more attractive to the mainstream consumer, who hopes to experience the same delicious taste, bite and mouthwatering effect that they are used to experiencing from real meat dishes.

Not only healthy and delicious end products are important to consumers, but environmentally friendly produced ingredients, made from renewable and natural plant raw materials, are also of value.

As the demand rises, so does the number of providers. JRS Food Ingredients development department has been following this food trend from the beginning, consistently working on new product developments and constant improvement of food products to fulfil the needs of health-conscious customers.

JRS offers plant-based solutions for alternative and enriched food products for example Beef and ChickenPatties, Cevapcici, Chicken Nuggets, Hot Dogs, Cold Cuts, Fish Fingers and Raw-fermented sausages.

To enable food producers to follow this market trend, JRS offers not only new and improved texturizing solutions but also perfect recipes to produce delicious and healthy meat alternatives enriched with our product ranges such as VITACEL® fiber concentrates.

With professional know-how not only about VIVAPUR® Functional Ingredients and VITACEL® Dietary Fibers portfolio, but also about other raw materials like protein concentrates, isolates, texturates, flavors, colors and hydrocolloids and a wide network of suppliers, the company is able to offer solutions for all kind of recipes and all the typical challenges of developing new products for the expanding vegan and vegetarian markets.

All environmentally friendly in production and nutritional valuable, end consumers will appreciate the same texture, bite and taste as real meat products. Processing is easy, and so is machinability, as only a small number and only commonly used machines in meat production are needed. Since the fibers are produced and sold cost effectively, you will also be able to offer meat alternatives of the highest quality for a fair price.

Recommendations from DGE (German Society for Nutrition – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung) for sufficient fiberintake range from 25 g per day in men and 23 g in women. The American Heart Association Eating plan even suggests up to 30g of fiber per day. Currently, dietary fiber intakes in Europe and United States average at about half the amount. Modern VITACEL® dietary fiber concentrates of the latest generation help to close this dietary fiber gap in almost all modern everyday foods in a simple way.

It is well known that a high fiber diet not only supports our well-being but also shows proven health benefits concerning weight management, gut health, diabetes and heart conditions.

Blood sugar and cholesterol levels can be controlled by sufficient intake of high fiber or fiber enriched foods. Using the JRS product range of products can reduce overall fat content of plant based meat alternatives significantly and therefore protects from unhealthy saturated fatty acids as commonly found in meat and meat products.

Intestinal health has been a taboo subject for a long time. The increasing number of people suffering from digestive problems and intestinal diseases also turned it into an important health trend. As science is now also focusing on the above and our gut as a “second brain”, which is connected to different organs and metabolic processes, consumer motivation to support it by having a healthy diet is constantly increasing. This in result rises the demand for foods that are either naturally rich in fiber or have been fortified with it.

Due to their high gastrointestinal tolerability, VITACEL® Dietary Fibers enable comprehensive fiber enrichment of almost every food product category. This way, consumers can easily increase their fiber consumption and find increased levels of fiber in each of their favorite food products in addition to a well-balanced diet with fresh vegetables and whole grain foods.

As the world’s largest fiber supplier, JRS says it stands not only for system and technology partnership with the modern, quality conscious food industry, but also supports all kind of different aspects important to producers and customers, enabling new, tasty and healthier options across the category

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