Revolutionizing Plant-Based Eating: A New Sensory Experience with Savor-Lyfe® CI

In recent years, a growing awareness of sustainability concerns, food security issues, and the environmental and public health consequences associated with industrial animal agriculture has prompted a shift towards plant-based diets. While the demand for plant-based products has surged, there remains a challenge to develop alternatives that not only cater to niche markets but also resonate with mainstream consumers. Flexitarian consumers, consciously reducing their meat intake for health, environmental, and animal welfare reasons, are driving significant expansion within the plant-based food market.

According to Mintel’s 2024 Global Food & Drink Trends, consumers are no longer willing to compromise taste and cost for sustainability credentials. As the cost of living rises, companies are faced with the challenge of delivering on all fronts – taste, cost, and sustainability. This creates a demand for plant-based meat alternatives that not only align with ethical and environmental concerns but also provide a sensory experience comparable to traditional animal-based meats.

© Lallemand plant-based nuggets


Recognizing this need for innovation, Lallemand Bio-Ingredients is set to revolutionize the plant-based food industry with the launch of its latest product, Savor-Lyfe® CI, within the Savor-Lyfe® series.

The recent advancements in Savor-Lyfe® portfolio feature a skillful combination of yeast extracts, along with components derived from Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast and additional natural elements. The refined compound results in products that seamlessly merge base notes with top notes. All ingredients are carefully selected to ensure an offering that reflects various needs, from kosher and halal certifications to compatibility with vegan diets.

A rich, authentic chicken flavor

Notably, Savor-Lyfe® CI excels at imparting a rich and authentic chicken flavor, elevating the taste profile of plant-based dishes. The rich, boiled chicken flavor is instantly noticeable and gradually unfolds into a full-bodied, enduring sensation. It imparts a mouthful of lasting taste, delivering a sense of umami and kokumi completeness to the dish. Characterized by a stable profile throughout different types of food processing, its versatility extends beyond the plant-based single market.

From soups to snacks, and in both meat and meat alternative dishes, Savor-Lyfe® CI elevates and characterizes flavors, providing a sensory experience that transcends the ordinary. This enhancement begins at relatively low dosages (0.5% on ready-to-eat dishes) and starts at relatively little dosages.

In a world where consumers are becoming more discerning about their dietary choices, the introduction of Savor-Lyfe® CI addresses a critical gap in the market. It demonstrates a commitment to providing consumers with plant-based alternatives that not only align with their values but also deliver an unparalleled sensory experience.

The product was recently showcased at Food Ingredients Europe and received a positive and enthusiastic response from visitors.

© Lallemand at FiE 2023 in Frankfurt, Germany

Lallemand Bio-Ingredients’ Savor-Lyfe® CI paves the way for a new era of plant-based eating. By offering a product that meets the triple demands of taste, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability, it marks a significant step towards making plant-based options a staple in the diets of mainstream consumers. The launch of Savor-Lyfe® CI is not just a product introduction; it’s a culinary revolution that embraces the evolving landscape of conscious consumer choices.

To learn more about the product, or to request a sample, visit the website:

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