Spore-Forming Probiotic BC30 Improves Protein Absorption from Plant Sources

With various studies suggesting animal proteins are absorbed by the body better than plant proteins – at about 2% difference – a new clinical study has shown leading spore-forming probiotic BC30 can improve protein absorption from plant sources.

“More and more people are following plant-based diets and looking for sustainable nutrition solutions”

Part of Kerry’s ProActive Health Portfolio, BC30 is a patented spore-forming probiotic which can be used in a range of food and beverage products. The findings are significant for food and beverage manufacturers because they demonstrate the potential to offer an additional benefit in plant-based products containing BC30. 

plant-based foods in india
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Irish food giant Kerry claims there may be opportunities for products targeting seniors – who typically require higher protein intake to maintain muscle mass – as well as vegetarians, vegans, and athletes. In the clinical study, subjects in the BC30 group showed significantly higher values for total amino acids and total essential amino acids, as well as significantly higher than average levels of certain individual amino acids. 

“Previous research has indicated the potential of BC30 to support protein absorption from plant-based sources, but this is the first human clinical study to do so,” commented John Quilter, Kerry VP of Global Portfolio – ProActive Health. “With demand for high-protein products firmly in the mainstream, consumers in all groups are interested in foods and beverages that offer efficient protein digestion. At the same time, more and more people are following plant-based diets and looking for sustainable nutrition solutions.”

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