KMC Develops “World’s First” Texturised Potato Protein

Dutch ingredients company KMC has created texturised potato protein to be used as an ingredient in meat alternatives. The company claims the protein is the first of its kind in the world.

Originally, KMC developed potato protein in powder form, but found that its functional properties did not offer a significant advantage over existing products. The company then found a way to transform the powder into a textured ingredient which has high nutritional value, a meat-like structure, and a frying crust.

The development of the texturised potato protein was part of KMC’s innovation program, which aims to create plant-based ingredients that can replace animal-derived ones. The company expects to produce the protein on a large scale, with 300 tons planned for 2022 and this amount to be scaled up in the coming years.


Types of texturised vegetable protein

In the past, texturised vegetable protein (TVP) has typically been made from soy, but concerns about allergies and GMOs have led some companies to look for alternatives. Ingredients as diverse as chickpeas and hemp have been used, and KMC’s potato protein will now add to the options on the market.

“Textured potato protein has the properties that we know a lot of consumers look for when eating plant-based products. There is a huge potential in potato protein as a food ingredient,” said Jesper Burgaard, CEO at KMC. “Our goal at KMC is to drive the transition from animal-based ingredients to plant-based ingredients, and on this journey, we have made a real breakthrough towards better products for the consumer with this innovation.”

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