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Innovative New Filtration System Makes Guinness Vegan Friendly

Vegan-friendly alcohol is an area often overlooked. Perhaps only the most diligent vegans might know that last year St James’s Gate Brewery rolled out an alternative filtration system, removing the need for using isinglass finings in the production of Guinness.

Isinglass, a substance obtained from the dried swim bladders of fish, is widely used as a collagen for the clarification or fining of beer and wine. With the advances of brewing technology, St James’s Gate Brewery introduced an innovative new filtration system which doesn’t use isinglass in the process. The new system was first trialled on Guinness Draught in kegs in 2017, and after successful completion, St James’s Gate Brewery moved on to the isinglass-free production of bottle and can formats of Guinness Draught.

The recipe or taste has not been changed, but with its production being free from animal products, Guinness is now suitable for vegans to enjoy. Tell your friends!

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