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JUST Egg and Cheryl’s Cookies Partner for New Plant-Based Cookie Line

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JUST Egg and Cheryl’s Cookies announce they are partnering on a new selection of 100% plant-based cookies. Available through Cheryl’s cookie delivery service, the new treats come in four varieties and are available to ship to the US and Canada in time for the holidays. 

“JUST Egg has been incorporated as a branded ingredient in a growing number of high-quality products”

According to Cheryl’s, which is part of the 1-800-FLOWERS, Inc. family of brands, the cookie flavors include sugar, chocolate chip, marshmallow chocolate chunk and frosted cut-outs. The desserts come individually wrapped in assortments like the Vegan Cookie Sampler, Traditional Holiday Gift Tin, and Happy Birthday Box. 

Cherly’s first released a line of vegan cookies in August 2022 – with the inclusion of JUST Egg, the company says anyone who enjoys them will not be able to tell they are plant-based. 

Plant-Based Cookie Tin/ Gift
©Cheryl’s Cookies

“Our loyal fans have inspired us to continuously expand our offerings to include new products that use innovative ingredients,” said Cheryl’s Cookies VP of Merchandising Kara Jaggers. “Plant-based baked goods are growing in popularity with health-conscious shoppers, and we are incredibly excited to launch this line of cookies made with JUST Egg.”

More collaborations

After achieving price parity with chicken eggs last summer, JUST Egg’s highly popular plant-based eggs continue to enjoy success, most recently by partnering with MingBings to make breakfast pockets, and being trialed as part of a new Starbucks vegan menu.

JUST egg
Image supplied by JUST Inc

“We’re grateful to partner with a beloved company like Cheryl’s Cookies to offer plant-based treats that are both delicious and better for the planet,” said Matt Riley, Chief Revenue Officer for Eat Just. “JUST Egg has been incorporated as a branded ingredient in a growing number of high-quality products and we look forward to continuing that momentum with new and tasty collaborations in 2023 and beyond.”

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