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JUST Egg Continues Global Expansion with Moves into South Korea and South Africa

Following the launch of JUST Egg in South Africa this week, the plant-based egg leader is now launching in South Korea as the country undergoes an egg shortage. JUST Egg’s award-winning products will first enter South Korean foodservice before a full retail and e-commerce launch.

Due to an avian influenza outbreak in South Korea that officials say could last until 2022, conventional egg prices have soared in recent months. As plant-based egg products are more immune to the increasing amount of zoonotic issues in the global food supply chain, JUST Egg looks poised to seriously disrupt the Asian market. 

JUST Egg at Sodeco

JUST Egg will initially launch in foodservice through Paris Baguette and Paris Croissant – leading bakery café franchises in South Korea – after signing a strategic partnership last year with SPC Samlip, South Korea’s leading food company. JUST Egg is now being manufactured at SPC’s plant in Cheongju for domestic distribution. Plant-based continues to grow in the country as one-fifth of the South Korean population is now reducing meat consumption for health and sustainability reasons. 

First Plant-Based Egg to Launch in Africa

“South Africa is an important new market for us” – Josh Tetrick

In South Africa, a similar deal was penned with Infinite Foods, Africa’s premier go-to-market platform for leading plant-based food brands. JUST Egg Folded will be launching across South Africa via Wellness Warehouse retailers, Infinite Foods e-commerce site, and restaurants in greater Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban. 

Co-founder and CEO of Eat Just, Josh Tetrick, previously spent several years working on non-profit initiatives across Sub-Saharan Africa, discovering his passion for addressing global food security issues and creating a more just food system for all during his time in South Africa and Liberia. 

“We are grateful to our team of innovators who bring novel ideas to life that positively impact society and the environment and Infinite Foods is the ideal partner for our expansion into this market. They bring invaluable expertise to reach the African consumer and have the value chain to support us in delivering this ground-breaking product to consumers at home and in restaurants,” stated Tetrick 

“South Africa is an important new market for us, and we cannot wait to see how consumers use this product in new and delicious ways,” he added.   

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