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Just FaB: Double-Decker as Vegan Restaurant

Vegan events are commonplace in London, for example, the event “The Foodservice Forum 2018”, during which veganism was one of the main themes. In August, the first zero-waste market and the first vegan fashion show also took place in England’s capital. But another unusual vegan location is now calling the city home; a double-decker London bus which has been converted into a vegan restaurant. Just FaB brings Italian food to the streets of London. The founder is Fabio Pironti, who, together with his mother, Myrna Panascia, sells Sicilian street food. They started out selling at festivals, but since September 2015, the restaurant bus has been established in London’s Hackney district.

In addition to food, the duo focuses on supporting local farmers in order to further reduce their ecological footprint. “Wherever possible, our ingredients are organic and we have a zero-kilometre policy that involves sourcing as many ingredients as possible locally,” says Pironti. “Our bread is made by professional bakers and is available in two varieties: focaccia and ciabatta.”

Just FaB offers vegan Italian classics such as arancini, Sicilian pizza, lasagne with soy-based bolognese and dairy-free parmesan, polenta, zucchini pasta, tiramisu and others.



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