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La Vie’s New Range of Vegan Club Sandwiches is “Selling Like Hotcakes” in Multiple French Retailers

La Vie™, the fast-growing French startup behind a patented plant-based recipe that replicates the taste, look, and texture of pork from pigs, has launched a range of three 100% plant-based club sandwiches: Le Parisien, Le Suédois, and Le British.

The sandwiches all feature one of the brand’s two hero ingredients, the famous vegan bacon, and the more recently developed ham. The two products have both received numerous awards in France and throughout Europe, and are rich in protein, sources of fibre, and rated green on the Yuka app.

Founded in 2021 by Nicolas Schweitzer and Vincent Poulichet and enjoying consistent success throughout the UK and mainland Europe, including a permanent listing on Burger King menus, La Vie is now investing in takeaway sales and the snacking corner of supermarkets and says it “aims to roll out rapidly and on a large scale in supermarkets and restaurants”.

The range comprises:

  • LE PARISIEN: Featuring vegan ham made from soy and pea protein, gherkins, and vegan sauce. Nutriscore C, RRP €2.99
  • LE SUÉDOIS (Swedish): Veggie ham, mustard sauce, and salad. Nutriscore B, RRP €2.99
  • LE BRITISH: Consisting of “ultra gourmet cereal sandwich bread, a creamy vegetable mayo sauce, salad, and tomatoes”. Nutriscore B, RRP €2.99
Le British sandwich by La Vie
© La Vie

Reinventing the sandwich

The hugely popular and recognisable brand first ventured into the sandwich world last September with two partnerships, firstly with UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s to offer a vegan lunchtime meal under Sainsbury’s Plant Pioneers brand. The VLT, containing La Vie bacon with lettuce, tomato, and vegan baconnaise, rolled out into over 800 Sainsbury’s stores UK-wide and is still available at the retailer.

Later that month, over in its home territory, French plant-based bakery Land&Monkeys launched ‘le Parisien’ baguette, a vegan version of the traditional ham-and-butter sandwich known in the country as jambon beurre, a symbol in Paris since the 1950s.

La Vie VLT launches as part of Sainsbury's meal deal
© La Vie

The following month, La Vie took a bite at another convenience staple, collaborating with REBL Eats, a Finnish producer of vegan ready-meals, to create a plant-based pasta carbonara featuring La Vie lardons, with the product going on to sell over 1000 units per week upon initial launch across 200 Kesko- K-Group stores across Finland.

Speaking of the new range, Nicolas Schweitzer, co-founder and CEO, shared on social channels: “Will it be the best meal of the year? Unlikely. Will it be a nice little treat in your day? Yes, yes, yes.”

The sandwiches are, according to Schweitzer, “already selling like hotcakes” at: Auchan Retail, Casino Proximités, Carrefour, Carrefour Express, Cora France, E.Leclerc, Franprix, Intermarché, Monoprix, Supermarché Match and SYSTEME U.

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