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Lightlife Foods Launches New Plant-Based Burgers

The plant-based food producer Lightlife Foods has recently launched a new vegan burger and three other plant-based products. The new meat alternatives are made from pea protein and are free from GMOs, gluten, soy and artificial flavours. The new Lightlife Burger contains 20 grams of protein, no cholesterol and 2.5 grams of saturated fatty acids.

The Lightlife Burger will be available to foodservice customers as early as the end of January and will also be available in retail outlets from the end of March, initially in the USA and Canada. The company has also announced a complete redesign of its existing product range. After the burger, other plant-based products will be launched, including bratwurst and Italian sausage.

“We did not enter the plant-based sector overnight – we have long been a pioneer in the industry,” said Dan Curtin, president of Lightlife Foods. “Our new burger is delicious thanks to decades of culinary know-how, and we know that we can offer a whole new experience to consumers who want a break from traditional meat or whose palates are looking for a new adventure.”

Lightlife‘s new burger is made mainly from pea protein, virgin coconut oil and beet powder. This also makes it suitable for consumers who want to avoid ingredients such as soy and wheat as a result of allergies or for other reasons.

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