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LikeMeat and Fry’s Arrive in US Through Partnership With Sprouts

LikeMeat and The Fry Family Food Co, both owned by the LIVEKINDLY Collective, yesterday arrived into the USA through a distribution deal with Sprouts Farmers Market. As we reported last October, LIVEKINDLY raised $135 million to expand its acquired brands into the USA.

Germany’s LikeMeat launches four Like Chick’n products: Like BBQ Chick’n, Like Chick’n Pieces, Like Grilled Chick’n and Like Chick’n Nuggets into the refrigerated section.


“Personal pleasure too often comes at the expense of the world, but it doesn’t have to be that way,” says Emily Klooster, marketing director for LikeMeat. “What if you could do good, and still eat dirty? We’re inviting mindful meat lovers to become ‘eativists,’ and making progress through good food — one meal, one product at a time. We understand that food is personal. That’s why we believe the way to turn meat eaters into flexitarians is through pleasure: not deprivation. We stand for progress, not perfection and, of course, having fun!”

Five of Fry’s top plant-based products will be available in the freezer aisle at all Sprouts locations: Chick’N Nuggets, The Big Fry Burger, Chick’N Patties, Breakfast Links and Pea Protein Grounds.

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“Sharing our made-with-love recipes and being a part of American families gathering together around the kitchen table is a long-time dream and truly an honor for us,” says Global Brand Leader and Fry daughter, Tammy Fry. “We are passionate about inspiring a healthier, more compassionate and sustainable lifestyle that’s attainable for everyone. Partnering with Sprouts allows us to make our convenient and delicious plant-based products accessible to all — whether they’re omnivores, flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans.”

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