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Luxury Seafood Brand Cavi-Art is Developing Seaweed-Based Shrimp

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Luxury Seafood Brand Cavi·art®, producer of the best-selling vegan caviar in Europe, is working to expand its range of affordable gourmet seafood alternatives by creating a shrimp alternative made from seaweed.

Out to revolutionise the shrimp category

Jens Møller Products ApS, the company behind Cavi·art®, uses its long-term experience in working with seaweed to develop vegan alternatives to luxury seafood. Established in 1994 in Denmark, the family-owned company that is known for its vegan caviar, now seeks to revolutionize the shrimp category.

The company’s flagship is the seaweed-based Cavi·Art® which it says is the “roe of the future”, which comes in several varieties including black, pink, and even Wasabi flavoured caviar. According to the Danish seafood innovator, Cavi·art® offers an environmentally conscious alternative to caviar, while being affordable and tasteful.

Caviar sushi rolls

Cavi·art® is claimed to be the best-selling vegan caviar in Europe and is widely used by gourmet vegan chefs. Unlike the traditional caviar, Cavi·art® does not go rancid or change in taste after opening the jar. Furthermore, the caviar alternative is shelf-stable and can stay fresh for up to three months. Other products of the company include Food-Art® Seaweed Pearls, a shell of seaweed with a liquid core of juices, and Tosago®, a substitute for Masago and Tobiko made of seaweed. 

Cracking the code

Recently, the company has worked with Heinz to develop ketchup caviar (as pictured) and is currently working on a vegan shrimp alternative using sustainably harvested seaweed. The Danish non-profit organization PlanteVækst, which has set itself the goal of contributing to the plant-based transition, commented on the development process: “Caviart Jens Christian Møller is close to cracking the code for plant-based shrimp. This is world-class Danish food innovation.”

CaviArt ketchup caviar
Ketchup caviar ©CaviArt

Commenting on the company’s mission, the website states: “Overconsumption onshore and offshore destroys fish, sealife, and the whole marine ecosystem. At Cavi·art® we strive to contribute to a more intelligent, gentle, and sustainable utilization of marine resources.”

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