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Malibu Mylk Creates Flax Mylk – World’s First High-Fiber Milk Made From Whole Flaxseeds

Malibu Mylk, a California-based non-dairy beverage brand, introduces Flax Mylk, the first-ever milk produced from whole, organic flaxseeds. Available in 700 US grocery stores, Flax Mylk’s shelf-stable products are also sold online through Thrive Market and

While established brands like Good Karma already offer flax-derived milk alternatives, Malibu says its products are the first to preserve the entire flaxseed in the end product without straining. Rich in fiber, flax is a 4,000-year-old superfood that is a top source of vegan omega-3 fatty acids. The mighty seed is also believed to contain anti-inflammatory properties, help lower cholesterol, improve heart health and soothe digestive ailments. 

Malibu Mylk Products
©Malibu Mylk

Malibu’s Flax Mylk is completely allergen-friendly and made without gums, oils or synthetic vitamins. Instead of refined sugar, the brand’s sweetened varieties only contain dates. Flax Mylk also offers true sustainability benefits – unlike popular dairy-free ingredients like almonds, flaxseeds are fully irrigated by natural rainfall. 

Chef-created and perfected

Malibu was founded in 2019 by Brittany Fuisz, a Le Cordon Bleu Graduate who trained at the Michelin-starred Le Bernardin in NYC. After discovering better health results from an elimination diet that cut out nuts, gluten, dairy and soy, Fuisz began applying her advanced culinary knowledge to nutritious milk alternatives.

The brand has attracted a powerful lineup of investors and advisors including Jim Goetz of Casimir Holdings, Tom long, former CEO of MillerCoors, and David Novak, former CEO of YUM! Brands. In 2022, Malibu also added new single-serve coffee and matcha latte beverage cans to its lineup. 

Malibu Flax Mylk Vegan Pumpkin Pie
©Malibu Mylk

Leaving the goodness in 

“When I was researching recipes for milk alternatives, I noticed that traditional dairy-free options are made by blending and then straining the ingredients. The results are little more than non-dairy water, with a majority of the nutrients from the plants discarded,” says Fuisz. “With Malibu Mylk, we blend whole organic flaxseed and leave all the goodness in so you reap the benefits of the entire plant. What’s more, because flax is a natural emulsifier, our product is naturally creamy and wholly satisfying.”

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