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Market for Tiger Nuts to Rise

According the a new study from Transparency Market Research, the escalating consumer demand for healthy, plant-based foods has fuelled the growth of the tiger nuts market in recent years.

Tiger nuts are natively cultivated and consumed in Egypt and Spain as a part of the Mediterranean diet and they are now processed and used in a wide variety of products, such as snacks, juice extracts, grounded flour, and oil.

Tiger nuts also have applications in herbal medicines and dietary supplements. They are consumed to promote healthier metabolism and cell functioning, control blood pressure and for weight management.

Responding to the growing consumer demand, manufacturers are showing increasing interest in tiger nuts, with some of the key players in market include: The Tiger Nut Company Ltd, Tiger Nuts USA, The Ludlow Nut Co Ltd, Organic Gemini, Funky Nut Company, KCB International, CHRISTHILL GHANA LTD, Awum Farmers Ltd, Fontaine De Vie, Ecoideas.

Tiger nuts are widely used across the world due to their growing applications in processed foods. Globally, tiger nuts are highly consumed in Europe and North America due to growing consumer preference plant-based alternatives and healthy desserts. Tiger nuts are popularly consumed as ‘horchata’, a traditional plant-based milk.

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