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Marston’s Pubs Receive PETA Award for Vegan Menu

At the beginning of this September, it was announced that UK pub chain Marston’s were rolling out a vegan menu in response to consumer demand. It was revealed that they would collaborate with Moving Mountains, to supply their flagship product the“bleeding” B12 burger across over 400 pubs around the country. Today they have won a PETA award for their vegan menu.

Marston’s new vegan menu includes jackfruit wedges, cauliflower “wings” and vegan cheesecake, in addition to the famous B12 burger, which is said to be the UK’s equivalent of the Impossible Burger. We spoke to Moving Mountains’ founder Simeon van der Molen at the time of their launch into the pub chain, and he stated, “We are delighted that Marston’s has chosen us to supply our B12 Burger across the whole of the UK. It has become the fastest listed food product in Marston’s history after tasting the B12 Burger and recognising that they had to be the first major chain to roll out this revolutionary food item.”

Now, less than a month later, Marston’s pubs have been awarded the Best Vegan Menu award by PETA for their forward-thinking plant-based menu.  Also awarded by PETA in their 6th annual vegan food awards, were: Oumph Kebab (best vegan meat), Iceland’s No Bull burgers (best burger), Fry’s Family Food – smoked hot dogs (best vegan sausage), and Wicked Kitchen by Derek Sarno for Tesco (best vegan range).

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