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MAYONEUR Offers the Largest 100% Vegan Assortment of Mayo

The founders of MAYONEUR first had the vision two years ago to develop a significantly better and healthier mayonnaise compared to conventional products. For this reason, the Netherlands brand does not use animal ingredients in its products and focuses on fruits and vegetables.

The young company believes that vegan mayonnaise should be both a special experience and a positive influence on the environment, and the founders also aim to reduce animal suffering and create more investment in sustainable projects. In a short time, MAYONEURS has established a collaboration with TREESFORALL, with a percentage of sales donated to the charity.

The Dutch brand says, “We, as MAYONEURS, have embarked on a journey in which we believe that mayo can be a lot better and healthier.  By being different, we want to ensure that there is less animal suffering and more investment in sustainable projects. In a short period of time MAYONEUR has been able to build a partnership with TREESFORALL in which they plant trees together on our beautiful planet every year.”



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