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McDonald’s CEO on Vegan Options: “We’re Keeping a Close Eye On It – Watch This Space”

McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook participated in an interview with CNBC to discuss the possibility of the fast food giant offering widespread vegan options. During the video interview, Easterbrook acknowledges that adding a plant-based option should boost foot traffic but says that further market research must be carried out.

According to the CEO, McDonalds is interested in the vegan market but needs to know more about who the client base for such products would be, whether that would consist of existing customers or a new client base. He states that the trend is not a fad but needs further confirmation as to whether the current “buzz” will be sustained.

At present, consumers can purchase the Big Vegan TS in Germany produced by Nestlé; a Spicy Veggie wrap in the UK; The Vegetable Deluxe in the UK (vegan without the sauce); Vegan Vegetable Nuggets in Norway; The McAloo Tikki in the US; McVegan burger in Norway; and the El Veggo burger in Finland.

During the annual shareholder meeting last week, the company said it is monitoring the market for plant-based products but would not disclose any plans at this point. CNBC reports that McDonald’s stock is at an all time high, up 22% in the last year.

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