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abillion Announces the World’s 10 Best Plant-Based Burgers 2023

abillion recently announced the winners of the World’s 10 Best Plant-Based Burgers 2023. The awards recognize the best vegan products and dishes worldwide based on over 1.95 million independent reviews by vegans and non-vegans on the abillion app.

This year, abillion is celebrating its fifth anniversary, along with the achievement of many significant milestones. Its app has been downloaded a million times, and the company has broken records by donating over $2.8 million to global impact partners in more than 180 countries worldwide. 

Vegan foods are on the rise, but how do you know what’s best? says abillion. Let’s take a look at these year’s best burgers:

1. Classic Burger by Unconventional (Italy) 

Unconventional classic burger
© Unconventional

Unconventional, the Italian plant-based brand behind which also won last year’s world’s number-one plant-based burger, offers a range of plant-based meat (sausages, fillets, and burgers) made from natural ingredients such as pea and wheat protein, plant fibers (citrus, bamboo), water, and vegetable oil

The brand was shortlisted for The Grocer New Product Awards 2022 and won the Best Burger Award at Plant Based World Expo in London.

2. Burgers Originali by Heura (Spain)

Heura burger
© Heura

Heura, one of Europe’s fastest-growing plant meat brands, in 2020 launched its first burger, describing it as the healthiest on the market. It contains an innovative fat analog based on extra virgin olive oil. Heura Burger 2.0 has 64.25% less fat, 85.6% less saturated fat, and 11.3% more protein per calorie than beef.

Heura says the biggest challenge facing the plant-based industry was creating burgers with beef juiciness without adding high amounts of fat. 

3. Beyond Burger by Beyond Meat (USA)

Beyond Burger in Store
© Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat has introduced various Beyond Burger iterations since its launch in 2016. Its latest version offers impressive advancements in taste and nutrition compared to ground beef: 35% less fat,  fewer calories, zero cholesterol, and B vitamins and minerals comparable to the micronutrient profile of beef.

Beyond Burger is available in several markets. Recent launches include Germany, the UK, and China through the Chinese fast-food chain Dicos.

4. Sensational Burger by Garden Gourmet (UK)

Garden Gourmet Sensational Burger
© Garden Gourmet

Garden Gourmet is a Nestle brand of vegetarian food products. In 2020, Nestlé lost a legal battle with Impossible Foods over the right to use the name “Incredible Burger” in its first plant-based burger marketing under the Garden Gourmet brand.

Renamed the Sensational Burger, the brand describes it as incredibly juicy and with a delicious meat flavor. This March, Nestlé announced that it would no longer sell its plant-based brands Wunda, Garden Gourmet, and Mezeast in the UK due to poor sales.

5. V-Burger by Fior di Natura (Italy)

Fior di Natura burger
© Fior di Natura

Italian brand Fior di Natura combines legumes, cereals, vegetables, and fruits, with seeds, seaweed, and spices to make what it describes as tasty, healthy, and sustainable alternatives.

6.Burger ai ceci by Kioene (Italy)

Kioene chickpea burger
© Kioene

Italian brand Kiolene has offered animal-free products since 1980. It has developed a line of products with all the beneficial properties of vegetable proteins without “sacrificing taste.” Its range includes burgers, cutlets, and other fresh and frozen specialties.

Kiolene’s burger is made from a blend of chickpeas, soy flour, and carrots and is palm oilfree.

7. Mini burger con spinaci by Vemondo (Germany)

Vemondo mini burgers
© Lidl Malta

The German discount supermarket chain Lidl recently revealed plans to pursue a more sustainable business strategy by 2025, focusing on reducing the number of animal-based products in its offering and increasing its range of vegetable proteins.

Lidl’s plant-based brand Vemondo, which won PETA’s Vegan Food Awards in 2022, has a broad range of products, including yogurts, cheese, tofu, ice cream, minced meat, and burgers. These mini burgers are high in protein and palm oil free.

8.NotBurger by NotCo (Chile)

NotCo Juicy NotBurger

NotCo‘s NotBurger is the Chilean food tech flagship product. Its recipe was developed by Giuseppe, the brand’s patented AI technology, and a team of AI chefs and R&D experts. Blending ingredients like peas, bamboo, spinach, chia seeds, and cocoa powder, the NotBurger offers the taste and tenderness of a conventional burger with no eggs, gluten, or GMOs. 

9. L’irresistible Super Burger by Valsoia (Italy)

Valsoia Super Burger
© Valsoia

Italian plant-based brand Valsoia has been in the vegan industry for years. Its offering extends from soya-based alternatives to drinks, ice creams, yogurts, desserts, biscuits, ready-meal dishes, cheeses, and condiments. The company recently launched a new line of Italian vegan gelato for European consumers.

Valsoia’s Super Burger patties are high in protein but low in saturated fats. Moreover, they are gluten, soy, and palm oil-free.

10. Burger Vegetale Pomodoro & Olive by Sojasun (France)

Sojasun burger with tomatoes and olives
© Sojasun

“An explosive taste that will transport you to Mediterranean scents and flavors: tomatoes and olives galore for a flavorful burger, to be made in a pan, grilled or however you like, giving room for creativity,” says Sojasun.

Sojasun is a French company located in Brittany, established in 1988. It specializes in selling soybased products, all sourced and produced within FranceSojasun is a brand of group Olga, offering over 50 items within five categories. 

“Have you read the news??? We’ve only gone and done it again!!! abillion has announced that the Unconventional Burger has been voted the World’s Number 1 plant-based burger for the 2nd year running!!!” enthused Unconventional on LinkedIn.

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