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Seafood Company Ha Li Fa Launches Eat Plant Love Brand With Asian Style Fishless Products

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Best known for its seafood brand Bobo; Ha Li Fa, a Singapore manufacturer specialising in fish balls for over 30 years, expanded into the plant-based seafood market with the launch of a new 100% plant brand called Eat Plant Love (EPL) in Singapore last year. 

ELP offers a fishless alternative to traditional Asian dishes, such as fish balls, fish cakes, and fish rolls. The company’s R&D team took two years to develop a 100% plant-based version of its best-selling seafood products, prioritising the taste and texture preferences of Asian consumers to create its Asian-style offer.

Randall Ang, ELP Deputy Managing Director, told Food Navigator that the customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, affirming the ability of the plant-based alternatives to deliver the brand’s original fish flavors.

Eat Plant Love's Plant-Based Ngoh Hiang
@ Eat Plant Love

100% made with plants 

The brand products are made with peas, potatoes, konjac, carrots, and onions. Furthermore, they are halal-certified, free of cholesterol and trans-fats, and high in fiber targeting healthy consumers

ELP’s plant-based range includes four SKUs — Plant-based Ball, Vegetable Roll, Salted Calamari, and Mushroom Ball — available at FairPrice stores across Singapore and online platforms Shopee and RedMart.

Following the suggestions of F&B partners, ELP has developed other products exclusively for B2B sales: Stuffed Tau Pok, Fishcake, and Mince Meat. Recently, Eat Plant Love announced a collaboration with local eatery LiXin Teochew for a plant-based take on a Singaporean favorite, mee pok (Chinese flat noodles with minced pork).

“We are what we eat – that’s why it’s important to eat good. Joy, happiness, and health come from a serving of delicious, healthy and hearty food made from meat-free ingredients in balanced combinations. That’s our firm belief at EPL,” states the company.

The brand has seen the success of its new plant-based brand fuel its expansion into Cambodia, Brunei, and Saudi Arabia, with plans to expand into Thailand and Indonesia soon.

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