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Haofood Revolutionizes Dumplings with Peanut Meat Filling that Mimics Pork Mince

China’s Haofood, the first company in the world to use peanut protein to make plant-based chicken, expands its portfolio with a new vegan development: black truffle flavor dumplings (xiao long bao) filled with peanut meat and soup.  

Traditionally, pork mince is the star ingredient for xiao long bao filings. However, harnessing its extrusion technology and formulations, Haofood has managed to develop a peanut-based meat that replicates the texture and characteristics of steamed pork mince. The new dumplings, among the first vegan options for pork mince in the market, are already available on Taobao, the Chinese online shopping platform.

Outside of China, Astrid Prajogo, the founder of Haofood, unveiled the new peanut mince dumplings at Proveg Incubator headquarters in Berlin. Before launching into the plant-based business world, Haofood participated in the fifth edition ProVeg’s programme.

Peanut power
Image credit: Haofood IG

Peanut power

Founded in 2020 and successful in the Chinese plant-based market, Haofood has launched a range of chicken alternatives, including patties, pulled chicken, and satay nuggets on a stick. Last year, the Chinese brand secured listings for its nuggets with Chinese convenience store Lawson in over 2,300 stores.

All its peanut power alternatives offer an excellent protein source, high in dietary fiber, zero trans-fat. Since the company focuses on developing clean-label plant-based meat, its products are free from artificial additives, preservatives, thickeners, water retention agents, colorings, flavorings, and MSG. 

Regarding sustainability, Hafood argues that peanut production is more water-efficient than other nuts, requires less fertilizer, and is a zero-waste crop. 

Haofood's Satay Nugget on a Stick

Backed by Henry Soesanto, CEO of Monde NissinProVeg International, and Big Idea Ventures, Haofood raised $3.5 million in 2022 to diversify its channel sales strategy and advance its R&D infrastructure facility. Last month, Haofood signed a letter of intent to sell DUG potato milk in China and other selected regional markets. It seems the company is expanding its operations in the plant-based food market. 

“We are very excited to collaborate with this innovative potato-based drink for consumers in China, and see opportunities for an entirely new and unique product,” said Prajogo at the time of the announcement.

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