Hemp-Based Crump Could Revolutionize Alt Meat Market, Claims The Naturist 

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Estonian start-up The Naturist claims to have perfected the formula for its hemp-based vegan meat, Crump. After partnering with a research facility that has dedicated the past two decades to developing the Crump formula, the startup has launched a crowdfunding campaign to launch its hemp-based meat innovation. 

Crump is a hemp-based protein crumble made to replace ground beef which takes only five minutes to prepare. The brand claims the vegan and organic product has an impressive amino acid profile and is easy to digest, contains 2.3X more protein than conventional beef, as well as boasting a shelf life of up to two years with no preservatives.

Crump The Naturist

Hemp is a plant that is very resilient and can be grown in high-risk farming zones that are inhabitable for other crops. Hemp also offers a unique nutritional composition to replace meat in a vegan diet: 54% pure, plant-based protein, 0% trans fats; 15% fiber and 25% carbohydrates. Crump surpassed its crowdfunding target in just 36 hours with the campaign now continuing until the end of the month.  

“For every team member at Naturist, Crump™ is a personal endeavour,” shares Jürgen Jürgenson, CEO and Founder of Naturist. “Hailing from Estonia, a country renowned for its pristine forests and clean lakes, we have long been searching for a solution that may help humanity change their eating habits while simultaneously improving their health, quality of life and reduce their environmental footprint.” 

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