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IKEA Introduces “SLAGVERK” Vegan Nuggets in Sweden

As part of its reported sustainability targets and commitment to make 50% of canteen food and 80% of retail food plant-based by 2025, IKEA has been increasing its vegan offerings worldwide, from plant balls in Canada to beef-style bowls in Japan, and the more recent PLANT-HOTDOG across Europe. Now the Swedish company is announcing another new product with the wheat-based “SLAGVERK” nuggets.

The new product will be available in the Swedish shops of IKEA furniture stores on October 24, 2023, as frozen goods to take away. The nuggets can be stored in the freezer and then prepared quickly and easily in the pan or in the oven.

Making vegan options affordable

In order to make the healthier and more sustainable alternative available to as many people as possible and to invite curious meat lovers to try plant-based options, IKEA is deliberately making them particularly affordable. At IKEA in Germany, since October 2022, all plant-based alternatives from the IKEA food range have been cheaper than the comparable variant based on animal protein.

IKEA's new SLAGVERK vegan nuggets
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“At IKEA, we have made the decision to offer half of the meals in IKEA restaurants plant-based by 2025. And in the Swedish shops we are going even further: here, 80 percent of the packaged food will consist of plant-based alternatives. Why? We want to enable our customers to live a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle by offering delicious food that has a positive impact on people and the planet at an affordable price,” says IKEA Germany’s Country Food Manager Tanja Schramm.

Read our interview with Tanja Schramm here.

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