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Israel’s More Foods Develops Next-Gen Alt Meat from Upcycled Seeds

Israeli start-up More Foods is set to launch an innovative new alt meat product made from upcycled pumpkin and sunflower seeds. More Foods claims its textured products provide a similar mouth feel to that associated with dark meats.

Founded two years ago by CEO Leonardo Marcovitz, More Foods’ patent-pending technology allows it to use cast-away fragments of “superfood” seeds produced while making pumpkin seed oil and sunflower seed oil. The Tel Aviv-based company actively works on incorporating other under-utilized ingredients from the food industry to make alternative protein foods. 

More Foods alt meat
©More Foods

Working with chefs to assist the direction of development for the company’s products, More Foods focuses on an understandable and short ingredients list, high in protein and fiber, as well as containing no major allergens. The company reports that there are a variety of restaurants and chains based in Israel that have started pilots serving More Food’s products.

“A large part of what people enjoy eating comes from a sense of familiarity which is sometimes lacking in meat alternatives. We tap into this feeling by using superfood ingredients that everyone is very familiar and comfortable with. We bring a new experience to the plate that the original ingredients normally wouldn’t exhibit by themselves”, explains Leonardo Marcovitz.

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