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Juicy Marbles Partners With Grocery Delivery Services in the UK & Czech Republic

Plant-based whole-cut producer Juicy Marbles has partnered with rapid grocery delivery service GoPuff, allowing UK consumers to have a two-pack of plant-based steaks delivered to their doors in as little as 30 minutes.

The news comes a year after Juicy Marbles’ first major UK supply deal with supermarket chain Waitrose in a trial intended to last just two weeks. When 86% of the stock sold out within four days, the deal became long-term.

Juicy Marbles’ steaks have since seen successful launches at Tesco where they retail at a lower price than comparable animal-based steaks, as well as at Whole Foods UK. Sales have reportedly been strong to date.

“We love that Gopuff provides home chefs with a fast, convenient way to get their groceries when time is scarce (or, let’s face it, when a trip to the supermarket seems all but insurmountable),” said Luka Sinček, co-founder of Juicy Marbles. “The thought that any future Marblers out there will be able to, at a moment’s notice, order a succulent slab of plant meat for that evening’s family dinner brings my heart immense joy.”

Juicy Marbles' famous filet mignon arrives at UK Whole Foods stores
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“New age of plant-based cuisine”

Juicy Marbles has also just announced its first launches in the Czech Republic, via grocery delivery service Rohlik and wholesaler Greenheads. Rohlik is now the exclusive Czech carrier of Juicy Marbles for end-consumers, offering the brand’s full product range — Ribs, Filet, and Tenderloin. Meanwhile, Greenheads has made the Thick-Cut Filet steak and Whole-Cut Loin available to Czech restaurants.

Juicy Marbles has previously launched in several European countries, including Sweden, Switzerland, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, France, and the Netherlands. The brand took the Champion spot for plant-based meat In The Grocer’s 2023 Food and Packaging Awards, while its plant-based ribs (said to be the first worldwide with edible bones) won ‘Most Innovative Vegan Product’ at PETA’s 2023 Vegan Food Awards.

The plant-based whole cuts are described as offering a raw, unseasoned ‘muscle-like’ texture, differentiating them from other meat alternatives on the market. They have received the top Nutriscore rating of A in recognition of their richness in fibre, protein, and nutrients, while being low in saturated fat.

“Rohlik and Greenheads make excellent homes for Juicy Marbles’ whole cuts,” said Sinček. “Through Rohlik, home cooks can have their first experience with a slab of plant-based muscle from the cozy confines of their own homes. And Greenheads will allow chefs around the country to begin dabbling in the new age of plant-based cuisine. What a time to be alive!”

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