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Migros Launches Upcycled Meat Alternatives Made From Spent Brewer’s Grain

Swiss supermarket chain Migros has partnered with Circular Food Solutions to launch a new range of upcycled meat alternatives.

The products are made from spent brewer’s grains, a byproduct of the barley used in beer production. The grains, rich in nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, and fibre, are combined with Swiss-grown peas and wheat to produce the meat alternatives.

There are currently three products in the range: burgers, mince, and marinated pieces. The meat alternatives have been developed using Circular Food Solutions’ technology, which aims to help companies take advantage of the growing demand for plant-based foods while making better use of resources. The technology is said to produce alt meats with “a unique fiber texture, taste, and elasticity”.

The new products are part of Migros’ V-Love brand, which offers a variety of plant-based foods such as tofu, chocolate bars, vegan steaks, cookies, and more. Another new addition to the V-Love range is plant-based vanilla ice lollies, consisting of coconut-based vegan ice cream coated in chocolate.

V Love upcycled plant meat
Image: V Love on LinkedIn

Upcycling beer byproducts

Migros is not the only company upcycling beer industry byproducts. Last year, James Wilks — a former UFC fighter and star of the critically acclaimed documentary The Game Changers — launched a range of protein powders made with upcycled barley from beer production. Meanwhile, Singapore-based Prefer combines spent brewer’s grain with ingredients such as waste bread and soy milk pulp to produce a coffee alternative.

Spent brewer’s yeast is also becoming an increasingly popular ingredient and is leveraged by companies such as Germany’s ProteinDistillery, for an alternative to egg white protein, and Netherlands-based revyve, as sustainable yeast-based ingredients that can replace animal proteins and E-numbers.

“In keeping with Earth Day, we present this sustainable innovation,” Migros stated on LinkedIn. “The new V-Love products are a prime example of efficient upcycling and an important contribution to the fight against food waste.”

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