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Nature’s Fynd Sausages Made With “New-to-the-World” Microbial Protein Arrive at Whole Foods

Nature’s Fynd, a food company using protein-rich fungi to make meat and dairy alternatives, announces the launch of its Meatless Original Breakfast Patties in select Whole Foods Markets in April.

Made with Fy Protein, a nutritious protein first obtained from microbes living in geothermal springs, the breakfast patties offer consumers a brand new protein option. With the Whole Foods launch, a large-scale audience will be able to try this first-of-its-kind protein for the first time. 

Containing 11 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber per serving, Nature’s Fynd says the patties also have 75% less fat than traditional pork sausage. 

Nature's Fynd Breakfast Patties
©Nature’s Fynd

A “new-to-the-world” protein

Using breakthrough liquid-air surface fermentation technology, the vegan and non-GMO Fy Protein can be used to create a vast range of sustainable meat and dairy alternatives. The ingredient also offers significant environmental benefits, requiring only a fraction of the land, water and energy inputs used in animal agriculture. 

Based in Chicago, Nature’s Fynd has raised an incredible $500 million in funding to commercialize its novel, highly versatile Fy Protein. The company has so far released two food products – cream cheese and the breakfast patties – in limited food service locations, including the Berkeley Bowl in Berkeley, CA. 

breakfast-bundle Nature's Fynd
©Nature’s Fynd

Large-scale plans

The company is currently constructing a 200,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Chicago, which is expected to become operational next year, reports Food Navigator. 

“The innate versatility and natural texture of Fy Protein enables us to create delicious vegan foods that appeal to our customers. We are delighted to launch our innovative Fy-based Meatless Original Breakfast Patties at Whole Foods Market stores—this furthers our mission of nourishing people and nurturing the planet,” said Thomas Jonas, CEO and Co-founder of Nature’s Fynd.

The patties will be available in the refrigerated section at locations across California, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Hawaii, Nevada, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

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