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Plant-Based Canned Tuna by Dutch Brand Seasogood Launches Across Spain

Dutch brand Seasogood is launching its plant-based canned tuna alternatives on the Spanish market. The tuna will be available in four flavours: natural, tomato, olive oil, and lemon & black pepper.

The launch is significant as Spain is a major consumer of seafood. On LinkedIn, Seasogood co-founder Michael Luesink said he was proud that the product could help to replace conventional fish.

Seasogood initially launched in the Netherlands in 2021, and was claimed to be the country’s first plant-based canned tuna. It is now available at almost all major Dutch supermarkets, stocked next to the conventional tuna.

The tuna alternative is made in the Netherlands from soy, seaweed, algae, and flavourings such as sea buckthorn berries. Said to be minimally processed and free of preservatives, it is a source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. According to Seasogood, the tuna is ideal for use in dishes such as salade niçoise, pizza tonno, and bruschetta.

© Seasogood

Protecting the oceans

Reports indicate that the plant-based seafood market is skyrocketing, expected to surge with a huge CAGR of 28% to be worth $1.3 billion by 2031. Meanwhile, figures suggest that consumption of conventional canned tuna is declining, partially driven by concerns about the high mercury content.

With 28% of the world’s fisheries overfished or depleted, and 90% of large predatory fish such as tuna having disappeared from the oceans, a shift to plant-based alternatives will be vital to help preserve important ocean ecosystems.

“The seas have protected us from the biggest impact of global warming,” say Seasogood’s founders. “Now is the time for us to protect the seas.”

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