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Revo Foods Unveils Plant-Based Salmon 2.0 with Revamped Recipe & New Flavours

Austria’s Revo Foods has launched Version 2.0 of its plant-based smoked salmon slices, featuring an optimised recipe and a new name — SMOKEY SLICES. The products are available in the flavours “Smokey Style” and “Dill & Lemon Style”.

The revamped recipe contains microalgae oils and is claimed to provide more omega-3 fatty acids than some aquacultured salmon products. Other ingredients include pea protein, sea salt, fibres, and the essential vitamins E, B12, and B6. The salmon alternatives are said to have excellent bioavailability, meaning the proteins they contain can be easily absorbed by the body.

Widespread launch in mainstream retail

The SMOKEY SLICES will be available from Revo Foods’ online store in most European countries from May 15. The products are also set to launch at the Austrian retailers Billa Plus, Interspar, Spar Gourmet, and Metro.

The previous version of the slices was subjected to a lawsuit by Vienna City Council due to the claim that its name — “Revo™ Salmon – 100% Plant-Based with Pea Protein” — could mislead consumers into thinking the product contained real salmon. However, the administrative court dismissed the case, ruling in Revo Foods’ favour.

Revo Foods launches new version of plant-based smoked salmon slices
© Revo Foods

“Genuine alternatives”

Revo Foods has also announced that its crowdinvesting campaign, launched in January, has raised 80% of the maximum sum of €1.5 million. There is still time to invest, with the campaign closing on June 22. The capital will be used to expand Revo Foods’ 3D food printing production capacity; this will enable the large-scale production of a new version of the company’s plant-based salmon fillet from this autumn.

In March, Revo Foods announced the development of THE KRAKEN, claimed to be the world’s first plant-based alternative to octopus tentacles. The product is made from mycoprotein using a “unique new 3D structuring approach”.

“Our mission is to create genuine alternatives that not only offer excellent taste and texture but also provide nutritional benefits while taking off the pressure on marine ecosystems. We are Inspired by Mother Nature; we may not yet achieve her perfection, but we are committed to protecting her and treating her right,” said Nike Farag, Creative Manager of Revo Foods.

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