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Rollito Vegano Launches Sinsalchichon Vegan Salami

Spanish alt meat brand Rollito Vegano has launched Sinsalchichon, with “sin” meaning “without” and “salchichon” referring to the Spanish cured sausage similar to salami. The vegan salami is crafted with pea protein and fava bean.

Founded by two vegan activists at the beginning of the pandemic, the young brand launched its first product, Sinjamón (without ham) in late 2020, claiming it to be the first 100% vegan Serrano ham. The product is packaged in 100% compostable and biodegradable packaging and is frequently sold out amongst local retailers.

Sinchorizo on tostada
Sinchorizo on tostada. Image courtesy of Rollito Vegano

In April, the company launched Sinchorizo, a vegan alternative to chorizo sausage, made with paprika, organic pea and bean protein. All the Rollito Vegano products are allergen-free and contain less fat than their counterparts of animal origin. Rollito Vegano also has other products with similar characteristics, such as Sinfuet and smoked Sinfuet, and all products are vacuum-packed with a shelf life of six months. 

For 4.95 euros the sausage can be purchased in some stores in Spain such as Planeta Huerto, Mi Tienda Vegana, Vegano en Casa, and Cal Veganic, among others, and online stores such as Vegaffinity, Natursabor or FoodNatur.

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