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Steakholder Foods & Sherry Herring Partner to Launch Gourmet Vegan Salads with 3D Printed Plant-Based Fish

Alt proteins and 3D printing innovator Steakholder Foods (Nasdaq: STKH) announces a partnership with Sherry Herring, a gourmet fish delicacies brand, to commercialize a new line of vegan fish salads in Israel.

The salads will feature seafood made with Steakholder Foods’ proprietary SHFISH premix blend specially developed for 3D-printing plant-based white fish. Fillets crafted with SHFISH are said to mimic the taste, texture, and nutritional profile of fish while being more sustainable and environmentally friendly, “redefining the seafood experience.”

“We will introduce a new line of delicious plant-based offerings”

The new vegan fish salad line will tap into new market segments and cater to the rising popularity of plant-based diets by leveraging Sherry Herring’s established distribution network in delis and restaurants, the company said in the announcement.

Arik Kaufman, CEO of Steakholder Foods, highlights the collaboration as a significant step in developing and monetizing sustainable food solutions. He shared, “By combining our proprietary SHFISH™ premix blends with Sherry Herring’s renowned culinary expertise and brand reputation, we will introduce a new line of delicious plant-based offerings.”

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High-quality alternatives to fish

Michal Ansky, the newly appointed Culinary Director of Steakholder Foods and daughter of Sherry Herring’s founder, facilitated the collaboration. The company says that Ansky’s expertise, culinary background, Sherry’s established brand, and its cutting-edge tech are expected to deliver “exceptional plant-based fish salads.”

Since the addition of a 3D food printing model to its cultivated meat business last year, the firm has been expanding its geographic footprint, customer base, and product lineup to bring in revenues.

Recently, the company signed an agreement with the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) of Taiwan to develop plant-based products tailored explicitly to Taiwanese cuisine. In a similar collaboration in its home country, Wyler Farms, Israel’s leading tofu producer, will use Steakholder’s printers and blends to produce and commercialize 3D-printed plant-based beef steaks. The products are set to launch between Q4 2024 and Q1 2025.

Additionally, the company has also expanded overseas by introducing its two blends for 3D  — SHMeat and SHFISH made with GRAS status ingredients — in the US market.

Kaufman added, “Through this partnership, we open up access to new market opportunities and broaden our consumer reach, reflecting the strong financial potential for sustainable, high-quality food solutions.”

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