• Plant Sifu Launches Vegan Pork and Dumplings in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong-based Good Food Technologies has launched a new brand of vegan pork and dumplings called Plant Sifu. The pork alternative used in the products is made using AROMAX, the company’s proprietary fat technology.

    According to Good Food Technologies, the vegan pork is lower in calories, fat, and sodium than the conventional variety. Plant-based gelatin structures made from konjac (an East Asian plant) allow for an improved taste and texture while maintaining a good nutritional profile.

    Disrupting the market

    In March, Good Food Technologies raised HK$12 million in its seed funding round, which it will use to expand into China and increase R&D efforts. The company is hoping to disrupt the huge Chinese pork market, which is the largest in the world.

    vegan pork dumplings
    © Plant Sifu

    Pork alternatives in Asia

    A growing number of companies are working to reduce pork consumption, particularly in Asian countries. For example, Joes Future Food, which describes itself as “China’s first cultivated meat company”, is working to build a production line for cultivated pork. Another Chinese company, CellX, is also working on cultivated pork and hopes it will achieve price parity by 2025.

    Additionally, some companies have developed plant-based pork alternatives, such as Hong Kong’s OmniFoods and Japan’s NextMeats. But while Plant Sifu does face some competition, the brand is focused on affordability and claims to underprice its competitors while still being “fragrant, juicy, and delicious”.

    “Taste is our number one priority. Plant Sifu represents everything tasty in Chinese and Asian plant-based cuisines,” said the brand on its website.

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