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Vegan Zeastar Adds Crispy Coconut Shrimpz to Plant-Based Shrimp Range

Netherlands-based Vegan Zeastar, which claims to be the world’s largest supplier of plant-based shrimp, introduces the newest member of its family of 100% plant-based shrimp with Crispy Coconut Shrimpz.

The NPD joins the lineup of Crispy Chili Shrimpz, Crispy Lemon Shrimpz, and Original Vegan Shrimpz, as introduced in November last year. So far in 2023, Zeastar has also launched the “world’s first” complete range of vegan sushi and poke bowl products and more recently, another “world’s first” in the form of a plant-based king crab product which it claims is cheaper than the conventional equivalent.

The company, a brand of Vegan Finest Foods, offers a wide product range ranging from vegan Sashimi Salmon, No Tuna, Tasty Codd, Kalamariz, and Tuna Schnitzel.

Vegan Zeastar sushi
© Vegan Zeastar

The market is ready to transition to vegan seafood

Vegan Zeastar states that is committed to protecting the oceans through offering a plant-based alternative to shrimp. The company finds the situation in shrimp farms worrying: many shrimp farms are responsible for the destruction of mangroves, which play an important role in biodiversity, among other things. In addition to the ethical dilemmas associated with shrimp farming, the trawls used in shrimp fisheries cause devastating damage to the oceans through seabed destruction and large bycatch.

In a recent Q&A with vegconomist, Co-founder Rosella D’angeli put forward that “The market is ready to transition to plant-based fish substitutes. This offers great growth potential and that growth is expected to continue in the decade to come”.

Read the Q&A with Rosella here.

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