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Veganuary: Germany’s National Rail Company Deutsche Bahn to Serve Happy Ocean Foods’ Shrymp & Tuna

Munich startup Happy Ocean Foods, producer of a popular line of soy-based shrimp as well as a recently added line of vegan tuna, announces a cooperation with the country’s national rail operator Deutsche Bahn to offer both products aboard its nationwide trains for Veganuary 2024.

In addition to Deutsche Bahn, the restaurant chain L’Osteria is also working with Happy Ocean Foods for Veganuary across Germany. The chain, which operates 157 locations in eight countries, with over 6,000 employees in the DACH region, the UK, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic, also offers vegan tuna made by fellow German brand BettaF!sh.

Happy Ocean Foods’ flagship product, the SHRYMP, was launched in November 2021 and the following year enjoyed success on The Lion’s Den — the German version of the TV show known as Shark Tank in the US and Dragon’s Den in the UK — receiving investment from two judges including former Formula 1 World Champion Nico Rosberg.

Happy Ocean Foods collaboration with Deutsche Bahn Veganuary
© Happy Ocean Foods

In addition to the original flavour, the vegan shrimp is now also available as a garlic herb variety as well as a crispy version with panko breading. The product portfolio was recently expanded to include the vegan tuna, and additionally the company states on its website that HAPPY CALAMARI and HAPPY SALMON are in the pipeline.

Veganuary cooperation with Deutsche Bahn

“After the great success at Veganuary 2023, we are inviting our travelers again in January 2024 to combine climate-friendly travel and sustainable nutrition. In addition to our vegan standard products, we are offering two fish dishes without fish for the first time. You can choose from an Asian noodle wok pan with SHRYMPS, vegetables and curry sauce and a TU-NAH baguette chili cheeeze style with coleslaw – both purely plant-based, of course,” says Stephanie Berk, head of marketing at Deutsche Bahn.

Happy Ocean Foods tuna
© Happy Ocean Foods

Julian Hallet, co-founder of Happy Ocean Foods, says: “Switching to alternative proteins is crucial in combating climate change and resource scarcity. We are very pleased to be able to offer delicious inspiration for a future-oriented diet together with Deutsche Bahn.”

Godo Röben, angel investor in Happy Ocean Foods, comments, “Happy Ocean Foods is strongly positioned in the area of ​​research and development and will be able to win over the mass market through a new generation of plant-based products. Only with authentic and natural alternatives to animal products can a sustainable nutritional vision be implemented that ensures the preservation of our oceans.”

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