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Vivera Launches Plant-Based Salmon Fillets at Lower Cost to Real Salmon

Vivera, the Dutch plant protein producer acquired last year by Brazilian meat giant JBS, this week unveiled a plant-based salmon fillet which will be sold at 3.49 for two fillets, making the product cheaper than conventional salmon fillets, according to the brand.

“Price is one of the major barriers for consumers of meat substitutes, and where they are usually more expensive than meat, it is now the other way round. I am curious to what extent this will drive trial,” says Karin Löwik, international marketing manager at Vivera.

The salmon alternative, said to have a “fatty bite and flakey structure which falls apart like normal salmon,” was launched in the Dutch fishing village of Volendam where it was served to “the most critical fish lovers” to critical acclaim. The fish market in the Netherlands is 620 million Euros, however, according to Vivera, there is an absence of plant-based alternatives on the shelves.

Vivera salmon packaging

“The per capita consumption of meat alternatives is the highest in The Netherlands, but the population is of course much lower than in other countries. So we think there is an internationally big potential for our new vegan salmon fillet.” Löwik comments.

The vegan salmon fillet was created with wheat proteins with added Omega-3 fatty acids in order to offer similar nutritional values as salmon. 

Löwik adds, “We wanted to find out how open-minded the people of Volendam were to changing their eating habits. And we were also curious to find out how they would appreciate the taste of our salmon. We were really happy with the good reactions”.

The plant-based salmon is now available in the Netherlands at amongst others Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Plus, and other supermarkets.

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