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Califia Farms Launches Nutritionally Enhanced Plant-Based Milk With All 9 Essential Amino Acids

Califia Farms, a California-based provider of premium plant-based beverages, announced the introduction of its latest offering: Califia Farms Complete, a nutritionally enhanced addition to its product range. Califia Farms Complete is a plant-based milk designed to match the nutritional profile of dairy milk while containing 50% less sugar.

“We spent a lot of time perfecting this formula”

Califia Farms Complete is crafted from a blend of chickpea, fava bean, and pea protein. This innovative product boasts nine essential nutrients, including 45% DV of vitamin B-12 per serving, along with eight grams of protein and all nine essential amino acids. The company cites insights from Mintel, claiming that 60% of consumers say they are concerned they will miss out on important nutrients when drinking a plant-based beverage. The Califia Farms Complete beverage aims to provide these consumers with a nutritionally rich alternative that does not compromise on taste or texture.

Suzanne Ginestro, chief marketing officer at Califia Farms, stated, “The launch of Califia Farms Complete is a standout addition to our product portfolio and signals a shift in the way we think about plant-based milks. This product is not only irresistibly delicious and creamy, but it also delivers an undeniably impressive number of vitamins and minerals that rival that of dairy milk.”

Califia Farms Matcha
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Diversifying the product lineup

Complementing the launch of Califia Farms Complete, Califia Farms has also introduced a variety of new products, including a ready-to-drink Matcha Almond Latte, Sweetened Iced Coffee, Chocolate Strawberry Almond Creamer, and Organic Oat and Coconut Barista Blends.

“The level of total nutrition found in Califia Farms Complete is a powerful and unique way for consumers to achieve their nutritional needs. We spent a lot of time perfecting this formula to combine noteworthy amounts of vitamins, minerals, and protein while delivering on the delicious, creamy consistency that’s become a hallmark of Califia’s plant-based products,” commented Rajneesh Hora, chief science officer at Califia Farms.

Califia Farms Complete, along with the other new product additions, are available across major retailers, including Target and Walmart, and online via Amazon and Instacart.

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