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Coors Beer Enters Alt Dairy Category with Upcycled Barley Milk

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US beer giant Molson Coors is to enter the alt dairy category with the debut of its Golden Wing Barley Milk – a non-alcohol plant-based milk that will sit in the dairy aisle. Using upcycled barley and shiitake mushroom extract the company hopes to expand beyond the beer aisle and reach more consumers seeking healthier options.

Using their knowledge of grains, Molson Coors is tapping into one of beer’s primary ingredients to produce Golden Wing Barley Milk. The milk is made with five natural ingredients, including non-GMO barley stock, pink Himalayan salt, and shiitake, and will be rolling out at select Sprouts and Whole Foods stores, according to the company. 

Golden Wing barley milk Coors
©Golden Wing

The moves follow a similar one from Coors’ traditional rival Budweiser, whose parent company Anheuser Busch InBev has partnered with Portland-based Take Two to launch an upcycled barley milk. It also reflects the continued growth of the alt dairy sector, particularly in plant-based milk, with the market forecast to reach revenue of $25 Billion by the end of 2026. 

“While beer always will be core to who we are as a company, building a strong portfolio of beverages outside the traditional beer category to meet evolving consumer preferences is a critical part of our long-term strategy,” stated Pete Marino, president of emerging growth for Molson Coors. 

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