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Kiddiwinks is Harnessing Oats and Chickpeas to Redefine Kid-Friendly Plant-Based Milk

With the retail plant-based milk market mostly catering to adults, a growing number of brands are turning to the enormous potential of dairy-free milk made especially for children. The latest entry to this hotly emerging category is Kiddiwinks, a Brooklyn-based, women-owned company making kid’s plant-based milk from oats and chickpeas. 

“There is a huge opportunity to make a difference with a product like Kiddiwinks”

Founded by Stephanie Banham-Eichner and Jenna Liut, Kiddiwinks was created to provide children with a healthy drink that offers key nutrients lacking in dairy milk.

As Stephanie tells vegconomist: “We saw a whitespace in the market for plant-based dairy alternatives that provide the nutritional profile found in traditional dairy, and then went above and beyond to make a product that also addresses other prevalent shortfalls in children’s diets, like a lack of fiber. Given that milk is a childhood staple, there is a huge opportunity to make a difference with a product like Kiddiwinks.”

Available in Chocolate and Vanilla flavors, Kiddwinks is made to offer a 1:1 nutritional replacement for cow’s milk, with ample calcium, Vitamin D, and 8 grams of protein per serving. To formulate its beverage, the company used a proprietary blend of oats, chickpeas and chicory root, which also provide fiber. 

Kiddiwinks Co-Founders
Stephanie Banham-Eichner and Jenna Liut ©Kiddiwinks

Fiber and flavor

“Fiber is a critical nutrient that 94% of Americans don’t get enough of which presents a range of health issues in kids,” says Stephanie. “We also add inulin derived from chicory root fiber, which is the most studied prebiotic on the market, to support the development of a healthy microbiome. Finally, most plant-based options lack a taste profile acceptable to kids. We modeled Kiddiwinks after flavors that are familiar and loved by even the pickiest eaters to make a product that is objectively delicious – and completely ‘crushable’.”

In addition to providing protein, fiber, and prebiotics, Kiddwinks’ milk is also free from the Top 9 allergens.  

Child reaching for plant-based milk can

Unique packaging

Interestingly, Kiddiwinks comes packaged in cans – a feature that happened by accident, Stephanie reveals. During product development, the company had planned on launching in TetraPak cartons, but supply chain disruptions forced them to pivot to cans. This outcome has actually worked better, says Stephanie, because cans offer a sustainable and recyclable option that more easily stands out on retail shelves. 

“Plus, kids love drinking out of them,” she notes. “The ‘milk’ moustache is epic.”

Kiddiwinks is currently available online through the company’s website. Having recently launched, Stephanie says the brand is focused on marketing and reaching more consumers. 

Vanilla plant-based milk for kids

Becoming a staple

“Our goal is to become a household staple and the #1 plant-based alternative next to every carton of Horizon milk you see!” she states. “We also have some really fun work underway to get parents and kids excited and enthusiastic about healthy, plant-based eating. As we look to the future, we are always listening to our customers and are committed to creating new products and formats that work best for them.”

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