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Milky Plant Raises Over £340,000 for “Make Your Own Plant Milk” Machine

UK company Milky Plant has developed a machine allowing customers to produce fresh, single-ingredient plant milks in under five minutes.

The machine can make milks from a wide range of ingredients, including almonds, peas, hemp, rice, and even potatoes. Milky Plant emphasises that this allows customers to make healthier milk alternatives that are free of additives and preservatives. Demand for this is clearly high — so far, the company has raised over £340,000 and has a waiting list of more than 3,200.

A most sustainable way to drink milk

According to Milky Plant, the machine is a more sustainable way of enjoying plant milks as it eliminates the packaging used in store-bought products. The company plants five trees for each machine sold and is setting up a reuse and recycling program for old machines.

© Milky Plant

The growing plant-based milk market

The extensive waiting list for Milky Plant’s machines reflects the soaring demand for milk alternatives. A report earlier this year found that the European plant-based milk market would be worth over $5 billion by 2026; Germany, the UK, Italy, and Spain currently have over 45% of the European market share.

Globally, the plant milk market is set to be worth over $25 billion by 2026, with an estimated 5% of people worldwide now eating a plant-based diet. Currently, the market is worth three times as much as the meat alternatives market.

“The Milky Plant makes homemade plant milk as easy, fast, and fun as possible. Plus, you’re in control of what goes in your milk. No preservatives or additives, just 100% delicious plant milk every time,” says Milky Plant on its website.

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