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Mill It Creates “First Ever” Vegan Buttermilk & Buttermilk Salad Dressings

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California-based company Mill It says it has created the first-ever buttermilk and buttermilk salad dressings, composed of the ancient grains sorghum and millet.

Mill It initially received funding from Kern Venture Group, with a $765,000 Series Seed round, with additional funds coming from Ariel Savannah Angel Partners, Tech Coast Angels and Santa Barbara Angel Alliance. Mill It’s founders, Bill and Scott Myers, have been in the food-product development business for over 30 years, working with companies by the likes of Keurig Green Mountain, Lite House and Califia Farms.

Just three months after Mill It’s official launch, Whole Foods Market stocked the shelves of its 300 locations throughout the US with the brand’s buttermilk products.

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Regarding the ancient grains, the brand says: “As a crop, these grains are drought and extreme-weather resistant. They require less fertilizer and water than soybeans and almonds and provide high yields. They are relatively easy to grow, generate low runoff contamination, and have reduced risk of crop damage.

“Through our patented formulation, we have crafted the first ever plant based buttermilk and plant based buttermilk dressings that match the taste, texture, and consistency of dairy, while being rich in micronutrients and hypoallergenic.”

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