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Müller Launches its First Vegan Products in the UK: Plant-Based Corner Yogurts & Rice Pudding

German dairy brand Müller is launching plant-based versions of two of its most popular products — corner yogurts and rice pudding — in the UK.

Described as “delicious and creamy”, the corner yogurts feature a portion of coconut-based yogurt with a separate add-in, with either strawberry and pomegranate puree or crunchy chocolate balls. The rice pudding is also coconut-based and comes in vanilla and chocolate flavours.

While Müller is a popular brand in the UK, some consumers such as ethical vegans may prefer not to purchase the new products. A recent investigation by animal rights group Viva! found that some farms supplying Müller use “zero grazing” methods, where cows are never allowed outdoors and calves are separated from their mothers immediately after birth.

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“A natural move”

This is the first time Müller has ever launched plant-based products in the UK. However, the company does offer a dairy-free range in its home country of Germany, including rice desserts and oat milk. Müller has also previously invested in other plant-based brands, such as Yofix Probiotics.

“When we spoke to consumers it was clear that plant-based Müller favourites represented a real opportunity, as long as it maintains our trademark taste,” said Toby Bevans, strategy and marketing director at Müller Yogurt & Desserts. “Plant-based and dairy products have co-existed in shopping baskets and fridges for a long time, so making the nation’s favourite dairy brand accessible to more people is a really exciting and natural move.”

The new plant-based Müller products will initially launch at Asda, before rolling out at other retailers later in the year.

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