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MYOM Launches “Sensational” Paste That Turns Into Ultra-Sustainable Oat Milk

MYOM is a UK-based company that has developed an innovative way to make oat milk even more environmentally friendly.

The company offers a shelf-stable oat paste that turns into “sensational, full-bodied” oat milk when combined with water. Each recyclable 65g pouch produces 500ml of oat milk, and refrigeration is only required once the milk has been made.

The product helps to reduce the packaging waste associated with conventional plant-based milks, which in turn reduces transport emissions. According to MYOM, this makes the oat blend “one of the most sustainable milk alternatives in the world”. It could also reduce food waste among consumers and food service outlets that only require small quantities of oat milk.

The company surveyed regular oat milk consumers and found that 73% preferred the taste of MYOM, while 83% would recommend it. The product has no added sugar and is fortified with calcium, vitamin D3, iodine, and vitamin B12.


Making plant milks even more sustainable

While plant-based milks are already more sustainable than dairy, some companies are searching for ways to reduce their impact even more. Last year, two other UK brands — MIGHTY and Overherd — launched oat milk powders, which work in a similar way to MYOM’s product. Meanwhile, Veganz has developed 2D-printed sheets that can be torn up and placed in a blender with water to make oat milk.

In the US, JOI offers a range of plant milk concentrates that can be combined with water, including oat, cashew, almond, and hazelnut products. Most recently, the company introduced an organic hemp milk concentrate.

“MYOM eliminates waste, excess packaging, and the need to keep things cold as it’s shipped from here to there,” says the company. “In fact, our pouches are post-able so we can deliver your milk straight to your door. MYOM is the best-in-glass, no-compromise oat milk.”

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