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Plan(e)t Foods Pitches Carbon-Negative Plant-Based Ice Cream on Dragons’ Den Greece

Plan(e)t Foods, a Greek company producing what is claimed to be the world’s first carbon-negative plant-based ice cream, has made an appearance on the business pitching TV show Dragons’ Den Greece.

The pitch was so successful that the Dragons competed to invest in Plan(e)t Foods, with the company successfully gaining a funding deal. A clip of the show can be viewed on Plan(e)t Foods’ YouTube channel.

“Having spontaneous (unsponsored) reviews of your product being aired on a prime time TV show = priceless,” said founder Greg Bograkos on LinkedIn. “We’re replacing old-fashioned dairy ice cream, taking one step at a time.”

Plan(e)t Foods now plans to launch a range of four ice cream bars at major supermarket chains across Greece. The company previously gained listings for its ice cream tubs at over 500 stores — including all the country’s largest supermarket chains — in 2022. Three flavours were introduced: Epic Caramelised Biscuit, Holy Bueno, and Strawberry Cheesecake.

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“The evolution of ice cream”

Plan(e)t Foods was founded in 2021, producing a range of vegan ice creams made from Greek oats. In 2022, the company opened a store in Athens, offering thirteen ice cream flavours including Triple Chocolate Brownie, Double Pistachio, and Peanut Butter & Caramel. The ice creams are served with edible vegan cups and spoons as part of the company’s zero-waste mission. Plan(e)t Foods also claims to be carbon negative, offsetting 110% of any direct or indirect carbon emissions it produces.

The same year the store opened, Plan(e)t Foods raised €400,000 in a funding round led by Greek angel investors. The company said it would use the capital to expand within the domestic market.

The success of Plan(e)t Foods is not surprising, as the vegan ice cream market is expected to be worth $1.24 billion by 2030. Growing awareness of lactose intolerance and the increased popularity of veganism will be the key market drivers.

“We are the evolution of ice cream, indistinguishable from dairy ice cream in taste, texture, and experience, taking the cows out of the production process forever,” said Bograkos.

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