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Plant-Based Fermented Dairy: Planteneers Introduces Yogurt, Quark, Cream Cheese, Ayran, and More

Planteneers, a leading developer and provider of customized plant-based products and solutions, has introduced a range of plant-based fermented dairy, including yogurt, quark, cream cheese, crème fraîche, and ayran (Turkish yogurt drink).

According to the company, these fermented vegan products have been specifically formulated to replicate the authentic taste, texture, and mouthfeel of traditional dairy products using the company’s unique functional ingredients systems.

Planteneers solutions for plant-based dairy are flexible and can be easily adapted and customized to accommodate the specific preferences of manufacturers or brands looking to offer products that cater to consumer demand.

This introduction follows the launch of the plant-based steak 2.0., a manufacturing innovation to create marbled and fat-layered alternatives to meat; and a range of pea-based high moisture extrudates (HME) for plant-based meat.

Plant-based yogurt
Image courtesy of Planteneers

Plant-based yogurt

Planteneers has developed a functional system called fiildDairy FEY, which combines different starches that can be effectively used with vegan yogurt cultures for fermentation.

These starches can be used with different base options, including coconut milk, oat concentrate, soy protein, or almond paste, to create products with specific flavors. The flavoring possibilities encompass sweet varieties with fruits or spices, savory options, and plant-based Greek yogurt.

Planteneers has also developed a convenient solution to make vegan yogurt more easily and the resulting products are said to offer a pleasant coconut flavor and a creamy mouthfeel.  It consists of a coconut milk powder base that can be processed into spoonable or drinkable yogurt by adding water and vegan yogurt culture. 

Additionally, the firm offers other possibilities for vegan dairy: ingredients to enhance the protein content of plant-based yogurt, solutions to make “free from” products, and other systems to make trendy products such as mango lassi and ayran.

Ayran drink – Image courtesy of Planteneers

Cream cheese and quark

For quark alternatives, Planteneers has developed a flexible system as part of its fiildDairy FEQ series, that provides plant-based quark with four to seven percent protein. It can be combined with herbs, fruit, or vegetable preparations. An additional separation step gives the vegan quark a drier, crumblier texture, making it ideal for use as a filling for pasta, baked goods, or as alternatives to cheesecake.

Regarding plant-based cream cheese, Planteneers offers products that are said to closely resemble the taste and texture of cream cheese made with cow’s milk.

The company’s plant-based cream cheese solution blends starch, selected plant-based ingredients, plant protein, and pectin. It can be mixed with water and coconut fat, and if desired, replace a portion of the coconut fat with sunflower or rapeseed oil to achieve a smoother consistency in the final products.

Moreover, an “aerated” vegan cream cheese is possible by customizing the system. The cream cheese flavors are optional and range from plain to sweet and savory preparations. 

Plant-based yogurt with blackberries
Image courtesy of Planteneers

Sour cream, crème légère, and crème fraîche

The German specialist also offers plant-based solutions for classic kitchen staples like sour cream, crème légère, and crème fraîche. The company’s clean-label system enables up to 15-25% fat content and an additional 30% fat content formulation that delivers creamier options.

Commenting on the various options to make plant-based fermented yogurt, Linda Eitelberger, Product Manager at Planteneers, shared: “Whichever base is available, our system gives an alternative to yogurt with a balanced flavor and creamy texture that is very similar to conventional yogurt.  The consistency can be adjusted individually. Depending on the dosing of the stabilizing system, the final product can be spoonable or drinkable.” 

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