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​​Planteneers Unveils Indulgent Desserts Including Vegan Cheesecake, Tiramisu & Fermented Oat Dessert

Germany’s Planteneers, a leading developer and provider of customized plant-based products, has introduced a range of plant-based desserts —  tiramisu and cheesecake, fermented oat dessert,  pudding, and soft ice cream — catering to the growing demand for “healthy but indulgent” alternatives to dairy-based products.

According to Linda Eitelberger, Product Manager at Plantenneers, “More and more customers want products that focus more on enjoyment, in addition to health aspects.”

Tiramisu and cheesecake

Planteneers has introduced an advanced solution for creating plant-based mascarpone: a blend of starch, plant proteins, plant fibers, pectin, and emulsifiers transformed into a smooth, rich base with water and fats. The plant-based mascarpone is said to have a neutral taste and rich mouthfeel. Planteneers says it can be marketed as a standalone product or incorporated into vegan tiramisu and other layered desserts.

Moreover, Planteneers presents solutions for plant-based cream cheese and quark replacements, broadening the possibilities for making plant-based cheesecakes and similar desserts.

Fermented oat dessert with mango.
Image courtesy of Planteneers

Fermented oat dessert

The company’s solution for this fermented oat dessert is new. It includes plant protein, modified starch, and an emulsifier and is designed for seamless integration with standard yogurt production equipment.

This oat dessert can be mixed with many different fruit preparations for a final product with 11% fat, 10% sugar, and 3% protein. The fermented oat Ddessert is described as creamy, smooth, and delicious, with a taste that rivals traditional fruity cream yogurts and quark desserts.

Pudding with extra protein

Planteneers has developed a functional system of starch and hydrocolloids to create plant-based pudding varieties, including oat, soy, and coconut, flavored with options such as chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, and caramel.

The company also offers a specialized integrated compound for high-protein versions, which incorporates both proteins and stabilizers. The resulting products boast a 10% protein content, delivering a creamy texture and full mouthfeel. According to Planteneers, these high-protein puddings meet consumers’ expectations for indulgence.

Eitelberger notes, “The combination of different plant-based proteins has to harmonize in terms of flavor and have a smooth, pleasant mouthfeel. This is often a challenge with protein-rich products.”

Vegan soft ice cream cones
Image courtesy of Planteneers

Soft-serve ice cream

According to Planteneers, soft-serve ice cream is experiencing a notable resurgence, including plant-based options. The company’s FiildDairy ICM series can produce plant-based soft-serve ice cream mixes using the UHT process. These plant-based mixes are said to deliver good melting properties, a creamy texture, and a smooth finish, which are necessary features for soft-serve ice cream dispensed in cones.

Planteneers also offers classic scoop-based ice cream solutions that are said to promise soft melt, authentic flavor, and a rich, creamy mouthfeel, similar to dairy ice cream.

Image courtesy of Planteneers

Part of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, and headquartered in Ahrensburg, Planteneers develops and produces custom system solutions for plant-based alternatives to meat, fish, dairy products, and deli foods.

These solutions for plant-based desserts follow the introduction of a range of plant-based fermented dairy products and the launch of the plant-based steak 2.0, the company’s latest manufacturing solution for fat-layered alternatives. Planteneers has also developed solutions for diverse products, including chicken breast, steak fillet, parmesan cheese, salmon fillet, kebab, and salami.

In 2023, Planteneers launched the Plantbaser, a revolutionary tool designed for the speedy development of plant-based products. It won the prestigious Technology Innovation Award at PBWE New York just a few months after its launch.

North American expansion

Planteneers is also present in the USA with a team based in Aurora, Illinois, to offer American manufacturers its plant-based innovations and solutions that cater to consumers’ evolving needs. The company today announces the June 26th grand opening of its new Aurora facility where it can host customers for collaborative product development sessions with a full plant-based meat laboratory; develop ingredient solutions that work for US consumers; and host sales, distribution, marketing, product managers and R&D team members.

Planteneers team in the USA
Planteneers’ North America team – Image courtesy of Planteneers

Kyle Borkovec, R&D Manager for North America and the North American team will focus on the expectations of American consumers. “Our portfolio comprises three product areas – plant-based alternatives to meat and sausage products, seafood, and cheese and dairy,” said Borkovec. “In plant-based sausage products, our focus is on alternatives to raw sausages like salami and chorizo and in meat alternatives we naturally address the BBQ classics, ground meat, and our new marbled steak options.

“We’ve also tailored the plant-based seafood line ingredient solutions for salmon filet and smoked salmon, shrimp, calamari, sashimi, fish sticks, and breaded filets. Cheese and dairy products are also interesting from our perspective,” said Borkovec. “Manufacturers can use our systems to make plant-based alternatives to whipped cream, traditional hard cheeses like parmesan and feta, ice cream and cream cheese.”

“Plant-based is becoming more important in the North American market. New, innovative products that are similar to conventional animal products will be easier for consumers to integrate into their daily lives, since they fit existing habits. At our new Aurora location with production, R&D, and the upcoming Customer Center, we can address customer-specific requirements for the US market even better,” noted Brian Walker, CEO of Planteneers LLC.

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