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Ripple Launches New “Game-Changing” Ripple Oatmilk

Ripple Oatmilk + Protein has launched in the US, providing consumers with a more nutritious alternative to conventional oat milk. The product contains 6g of protein per serving, compared to about 2g for most other brands.

“We’ve brought the power of protein to oat milk.”

The oat milk combines gluten-free oats with Ripple’s signature yellow pea protein to achieve an improved nutritional profile. According to Ripple, the milk contains 50% less sugar and 50% more calcium than cows’ milk.

Marketing campaign

Ripple’s portfolio features a range of yellow pea-based alt-dairy products, including milks, protein shakes, and frozen desserts. In April, the company began promoting the range with an integrated marketing campaign called “Moove Over to Ripple”, featuring TV, digital, and social media content.


Ripple Foods
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Funding round

In September, Ripple raised $60 million in its Series E funding round, exceeding the targets it had set. At the time, the alt-dairy market was experiencing unprecedented 6% growth, and Ripple was outpacing the category even further with 20% growth.

Ripple also received funding from Hong Kong’s Multizen Holdings in 2020. This was the first time Multizen had invested in a food solutions startup.

“Changing the game”

Ripple Oatmilk + Protein is now available at Whole Foods Market, Jewel, and Albertson’s Southern Division. The product will launch at other retailers, including Target and Sprouts, over the course of the summer.

“There are many consumers who like the taste and texture of oat milk, but the reality is they are disappointed in the nutritional profile, specifically the lack of protein,” said Laura Flanagan, CEO of Ripple Foods. “Ripple is changing the game so that those who like oat milk, can now really love it, as Ripple’s version of oat milk provides three times more protein than regular oat milk, along with the great taste and creamy texture people expect. We’ve brought the power of protein to oat milk, to take it to the next level — this is how Ripple does oat milk.”

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